CVS Specialty’s mission is to improve transplant medication awareness, understanding, and adherence for all transplant recipients. To achieve this goal, experience is key. We have been caring for solid organ transplant recipients since the early 1970s and are widely recognized as the first transplant-dedicated pharmacy.

Today, while the medications used to treat a transplant recipient may have changed, taking them as prescribed remains one of the main factors in preventing organ rejection. CVS Specialty helps recipients stay on track and is a leader in transplant pharmacy care by offering these patient-focused services:

  • Personalized patient review: Programs are developed to review patients' transplant medication regimens to identify and address any concerns.
  • Adherence programs: Not taking medications as prescribed is one of the biggest obstacles for transplant efficacy. CVS Specialty offers adherence programs designed to work with both patients and prescribers to ensure medication compliance.
  • Transplant treatment specialists: The CVS Specialty staff has extensive experience helping patients manage the daily challenges of their transplant medications. CVS Specialty pharmacists routinely monitor your medication profile and can answer questions in a variety of areas, including how your immunosuppressants work to prevent organ rejection, what happens if you miss a dose, and tips for managing side effects.
  • Medication schedule development: Our pharmacists can assist you in developing a medication schedule that works with your treatment regimen and lifestyle so that you can maintain everyday activities.
  • Transplant-focused education: CVS Specialty offers a variety of tools and information on issues important to transplant wellness and everyday quality of life.
  • Proactive reimbursement assistance: Medication cost is a major reason why patients do not take their medications. Our reimbursement specialists help patients maximize their insurance benefits and find billing resources, including Medicare Part B, private insurers, and even local charities. They can also can help you with paperwork and even identify assistance programs for which you qualify.

To learn more about the CVS Specialty transplant care program, call toll-free at 1-800-237-2767 and ask to speak to a pharmacist about our transplant services.

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