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FAQ for CVS Specialty Central™

About CVS Specialty Central

CVS Specialty Central is a new prescription order status dashboard that lets you view all of your patients’ CVS Specialty prescriptions in one secure location.* You can view prescription data by practice or by individual provider. Multi-factor authentication helps ensure you can securely track your patient’s prescription throughout the entire dispensing process. 

Yes. The dashboard is available 24/7. Upgrades or new releases will occur during non-traditional business hours to minimize disruption. If the dashboard is unavailable, a notification will appear onscreen after you sign in. 

Yes. You can sign into CVS Specialty Central through any device with a web browser and access to the Internet. Review your practice policies to make sure you’re complying with their guidelines.

No. All fax communications to your practice will continue as usual. This dashboard has no impact on those communications. Please continue to respond to faxes that require action. 

Yes. You can always call us or your CVS Specialty Account Representative for assistance. Keep in mind that the fastest way to access your patient’s prescription status 24/7 is to sign into CVS Specialty Central. 

Send an email to to identify your representative. Please include the provider’s name, NPI number, practice name and complete address. We’ll make sure that a CVS Specialty Account Representative in your area contacts you as soon as possible.

Getting Access

You can request an invitation by contacting your CVS Specialty representative. Your CVS Specialty representative can authenticate you and send you a secure invitation if you’re eligible. Then you’ll receive an email invitation to create your account.

Yes. Everyone accessing CVS Specialty Central in your practice needs to create their own account. When handling Protected Health Information (PHI), users cannot share sign in credentials. Each user must have their own account to ensure that patient PHI remains secure and protected from unauthorized use or disclosure. 

To maintain a secure dashboard and to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, CVS Specialty Central access is restricted to health care professionals and/or practice staff with verified credentials. Using your work email address to register your account serves as documentable proof that you can have access to your practice’s patient records. 

If your work email changes (e.g., your practice changes names), you can continue to use your existing username if your original work email forwards to your new email. If email forwarding isn’t enabled by your practice, you can request a new sign in with your new email address here. You can also contact your CVS Specialty Account Representative to help you.

To keep your account active, simply sign in at least once every 30 days after your initial registration and first sign in. If your account expires, contact your CVS Specialty Account Representative. They can securely reset your account. You don’t need to register for a new account. 

Prescription Data

There are four primary phases of prescription status: In Progress, Shipped, Closed and Rx Discontinued. Additionally, you’ll find a more detailed sub-status on the prescription details page.

Here’s a brief overview of each status:

  • In Progress: prescriptions are going through the specialty pharmacy dispensing process. Additional status information will help convey which step the prescriptions are in and provide more details.
  • Shipped: prescriptions have left the dispensing facility and are in the care of the shipping partner or they’ve been delivered to the shipping destination. When available, tracking is viewable in the dashboard.
  • Closed: prescriptions may be closed for many reasons. Some examples include but are not limited to:

Triaged to another pharmacy
Unable to contact patient
Insurance denied
MD cancelled

A detailed reason for “Closed” status is located on the prescription details page.

  • Rx Discontinued: prescriptions may be discontinued for many reasons. Some examples include but are not limited to:

Renewal Rx Not Received
Patient requested
Therapy complete

A detailed reason for “RX Discontinued” status is located on the prescription details page.

Yes. Please note that your dashboard shows only the most recent status for the latest prescription. To view refills and other history for the initial prescription, go to the prescriptions detail page. 

Yes. Tracking information will be available if CVS Specialty receives it from our shipping partner (e.g., UPS, USPS, FedEx). This information will appear on the prescription details page. A direct link to the shipping partner’s website will be provided. If your patient requests an update, you’ll be able to access delivery information, including missed deliveries and problems getting a signature for package delivery. 

For extra convenience, patients can choose to have their specialty prescriptions shipped to any of our 9,900+ CVS Pharmacy locations, including those inside Target stores.**

No. This dashboard only includes prescriptions filled through CVS Specialty or CVS Pharmacy Specialty Services®

No. Due to frequent changes with insurance coverage, foundation funding and pharmaceutical reimbursement support, it’s difficult to keep this information accurately updated. 

Privacy and Security

No. Only prescriptions sent to CVS Specialty and CVS Pharmacy Specialty Services can be viewed in the dashboard. If a prescription was sent to another pharmacy, there won’t be a record for the prescription or patient in your CVS Specialty Central dashboard. 

After 5 minutes of inactivity, the dashboard will ask if you’re still working. After 15 minutes of inactivity, you’ll be signed out automatically as an added security measure. 

We comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations for handling patient information. Multi-factor authentication is used to verify appropriate user access to CVS Specialty Central. This two-step process also helps prevent anyone other than the user from signing into the dashboard. 

Behind the Scenes

A prescription’s status is updated about every 30 minutes, on average.

No. At this time, the dashboard only shows orders sent to CVS Specialty and CVS Pharmacy Specialty Services. When sending a new prescription, please continue to use your preferred method (i.e., e-prescribe, fax, phone). The dashboard gives you a quick way to view and track a prescription’s status once it’s been submitted.

No. Currently, messaging is still in development. Please continue to communicate with your pharmacy partners by phone and/or email. If you need additional help, you can always contact your CVS Specialty Account Representative. 

No. CVS Specialty Central is only for health care providers and their authorized practice staff. Patients can register for an account at or with our mobile app upon receipt of their first medication shipment. (They can pre-register at before receiving their first medication shipment.) Once they’re registered, patients can manage their prescriptions, get real-time email and/or text reminders, and check their order status online 24/7. 

If their prescription is filled through CVS Specialty, they will appear in the dashboard. Medications filled through Coram won’t be included on the dashboard since Coram has its own tracking system, separate from CVS Specialty Central. Contact your CVS Specialty Account Representative for help with prescriptions filled by either CVS Specialty or Coram.

*Include prescriptions sent to CVS Specialty and CVS Pharmacy Specialty Services.
**Specialty delivery options are available where allowed by law. In-store pick up is currently not available in Oklahoma. Puerto Rico requires first-fill prescriptions to be transmitted directly to the dispensing specialty pharmacy. Products are dispensed by CVS Specialty and certain services are only accessed by calling CVS Specialty directly. Certain specialty medication may not qualify. Services are also available at Long’s Drugs locations.