VitalReach: Expand Your Reach Through Custom Data and Reporting

VitalReach is a complimentary, multi-faceted reporting tool that gives physicians 24/7 access to critical data on their patients with Hepatitis C.

VitalReach allows a physician’s office to create custom reports, generate aggregate and patient-level data views and benchmark against other Hepatitis C prescribers, locally and nationally.

Vital Reach

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VitalReach: A web-based reporting tool available at no cost to you.

  • Tracks your referrals, helping you quickly identify pending prescriptions
  • Updates patient-level adherence data daily, enabling better dosing and side effect monitoring
  • Segments patient population by variables like drug regimen or fill statistics, allowing you to compare it to regional and national benchmarks

Key Features of VitalReach

After signing up for VitalReach, you’ll have a convenient dashboard interface to quickly review critical patient data, anytime.



Enroll in Vital Reach Now