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5 steps to taking medication safely.

With these guidelines from our Sickle Cell Nurse Educators, you can help ensure that everyone in your household gets the right medication, the right way. Simply check this information on the medication label before each dose.

1. Is the right patient name on the label?

  • If there’s more than one person taking medication in your household, separate medication for each individual.
2. Is the medication name correct and packaging in good condition?
  • Arrange medication by expiration. Use older medications first.
  • Check the label to ensure you are storing the medication correctly. Most medication labels indicate storage temperature requirements.

3. How is the medication schedule given?

  • Scheduled: Understand when to take your medication. Clarify the medication schedule with your health care provider. Make sure you take your medication at the same time for best results.
  • As needed: Some medications are only to be taken as needed. Clarify a plan with your health care provider, such as a pain management plan.

4. How do you take it?

  • See if the medication is taken by mouth, infusion, nose or injection.
  • Ensure you have all the supplies you need to take medication as directed by your doctor.

5. What can help you remember?

  • Make sure you track when you take your medications.
  • You can set up a digital reminder in your phone or keep a paper calendar.
  • Keep a list of medications and schedule in a place you can see everyday.

For additional support, talk to your health care provider or call the CVS Specialty Sickle Cell Disease CareTeam at 1-844-641-0413.

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