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Comprehensive care.

Schedule your yearly appointment with your Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) CareTeam or primary care doctor.

A yearly check up for your SCD is a great way to make sure you get the best care possible. Visit your medical care provider yearly to get an updated prescription for any medications you may need. Do you have a hard time remembering your yearly medical care provider appointments? Try making them on the same month as your birthday. CVS Specialty Sickle Cell Disease CareTeam can also help. Call them at 1-844-641-0413, anytime. 

Prepare in advance.

Be prepared with your log of any pain crisis issues, infections or sickness since your last visit and any questions you have. This helps you get the most out of your visit. Your SCD team will do a thorough exam during your visit and check for: 

  • Pain crisis events — Your pain log will be useful to discuss sickle cell pain crisis with your SCD team. They will look for possible triggers causing a pain crisis (i.e., swimming in a cold lake) or times of the year when you seem to get more pain crisis. 
  • Infections — Your health care provider will discuss the importance of getting help immediately if you have symptoms of an infection, like a fever. As an example, if your medications include antibiotics be sure to take as directed..
  • Psychosocial concerns — Your social worker, SCD team members and CVS Specialty Sickle Cell Disease CareTeam can help you with challenges from living with SCD, including insurance or financial problems and school or child care-related issues. 
  • New prescription for your home care pharmacy — Your provider may change your pain or antibiotic medication based on your current weight. You may need other changes in your treatment plan based on your visit, such as adding one of the new medications available for warriors with SCD. Your health care provider will review this with you and your home care treatment team.

For additional support, talk to your health care provider or call the CVS Specialty Sickle Cell Disease CareTeam at 1-844-641-0413.

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