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A survivor’s inspirational story.

Hear from Ellen, a breast cancer survivor with an uplifting story to share.

"I'm a fiercely independent person, so I don't like to ask for help. I don't like to accept help. Friends and family have been great, but CVS Specialty® has really provided peace of mind in making sure that my medication is on my doorstep when I need it."1

Ellen Dugan: So this is the wig that I wore like three times, when I had lost my hair. I hated it. I never wore it. I just went bald. Was supposed to look like my own hair, I don't think it ever really did. Ellen Dugan I'm live in in Plainville, Massachusetts. My favorite place is the beach and that's me. In August of 2011, I noticed something was wrong with one of my breasts. I finally went to a physician and was diagnosed in September of 2011, with inflammatory breast cancer. When you lose your hair, it sort of advertises every place you go that you're a cancer patient. People know, you might as well carry a sign around your neck. So to have hair back again, you feel more like a normal person. And that's really the name of the game is, that I feel like everybody else for a change.

Michael Dugan: Obviously your mother is your mother. You look up to her anyways, but I never knew how strong of a person she was until I saw her really face this type of adversity. We just kind of kept moving forward. And I think that's probably what helped her out the most. Just try to continue to lead the normal life as best as possible.

Ellen Dugan: Using the CVS Specialty, it has just been so simple and has really... I'm working. I have cancer. I have two children, even though they're young adults. So one less thing on my plate brings a lot of peace of mind that I just know what happens. There's a lot of hope, I'm doing really well. There's no reason to think that that's going to change in the near future. But I also know that there's some things down the road with my kids I might not be here for. So even the times where I'm frustrated with things, you know what, it's all good. I'm still here. I'm doing really well.

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