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Making the transition from teen to adult.

It’s natural for parents and caregivers to worry about their child’s needs as they make the transition to adulthood. When a teen is also dealing with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders, this transition can be especially challenging. This is a time when teens want greater independence and are likely to want to take on more responsibility for their own care.

Because hemophilia and other bleeding disorders are chronic conditions, it is vital to plan ahead and take steps now to help your child manage their condition at every age. You may already be doing things to teach your child about their condition and the many skills needed to care for themselves. This article will provide tips on how to make this transition smoothly and safely.

Setting new goals.

As your child becomes a teen, goals should be to:

  • Trust your teen to take over his or her treatments. Most teens want to have more control over their own health at this age.
  • Help your teen make good choices and manage social plans, school issues, and stresses.
  • Let your teen speak up at doctor visits and make doctor appointments for themselves.
  • Talk to your teen about what to expect and whether they feel ready to take over more of their own care.
  • Take a step back to alter your role as a caregiver while still providing the right mix of freedom and support your child needs. 

Make your own plan.

Work with your teen to create an Action Plan that will help them manage their care. Be sure to write in tips from your doctor or other things you or your teen may want to note. Download the Action Plan.

Questions? Talk to your doctor about additional strategies, or contact the CVS Specialty Hemophilia CareTeam anytime at 1-866-RxCare-1 (1-866-792-2731). Our Hemophilia CareTeam representatives are ready to help.

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