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Getting to know biosimilars.

Learn more about biologics and biosimilars therapy options.

CVS Specialty® is here to provide you with personalized support as you start or consider starting on a biosimilar. We work with your health care provider and prescription benefits plan to help make sure you get the medication you need.  Watch the short video to understand more about biosimilars.

CVS Specialty is available to provide you with personalized support as you start or consider starting on a biosimilar, and will help you stay on track with your medication treatment plan.

So, what exactly ARE biosimilars?

A biosimilar is an FDA approved medicine that has been developed to be highly similar to the original biologic reference product and has no clinically meaningful differences compared to it. Biosimilars work the same way as the original biologic reference product by creating a similar response in your body. They are taken the same way and have the same possible side effects.

Biosimilars are not a new concept and have been available and used successfully for years. Biosimilars may be more cost effective for you and provide greater access to biologic and biosimilar treatment options. When there is more than one medication available to treat a condition, pricing usually becomes more competitive. We work to keep costs the same or less for you as you are making this transition.

Our CVS Specialty CareTeam is ready to assist you with all of your biosimilar needs, from injection training and nursing to connecting you with needs-based and non-needs-based financial assistance programs.

We are always available to chat and answer any questions online 24 hours a day.

We will work with your healthcare provider to obtain a new biosimilar prescription when required by your prescription benefit plan.

Our dedicated teams will help guide you and keep you informed every step of the way.

Keeping you healthy is our top priority.

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