At CVS Specialty, we support you with a CareTeam, led by a pharmacist and nurse who are specially trained in your condition.

Get Support When You Need It

Your CareTeam will reach out to you to check in, offer support and guidance, communicate with your doctor, and coordinate with others involved in your care.

Contact your CareTeam any time for questions about your medication or your condition. We’re here 24/7. Just call the number on your prescription label.

Your CareTeam will:

  • Help you manage side effects
  • Remind you when it’s time to refill
  • Teach you about your medication and how you can stay on track with your treatment plan
  • Set up injection training or home infusions
  • Check your dosage and medication schedules
  • Get you started on MyChart and connect you to all of our services

Ready to Use MyChart?

Have you used MyChart before? Great! You already know how easy it is to use!

If this is your first time, MyChart is a simple and secure online tool that connects you to your CareTeam nurse. Use MyChart to send your CareTeam nurse a message, find new ways to care for your health, learn more about your condition, and much more. You can even view, update, and share information about your medical history, allergies, and medicines you take.

Working with your CareTeam nurse will give an extra layer of support as you manage your health. Look for:

  • Monthly newsletters — you can get these online or in the mail.
  • Educational articles and tools on health topics that matter to you. You can get these online or in the mail, too.
  • Access to other resources, like national foundations and organizations in your area.
  • Conversations with your nurse that can help you spot symptoms or concerns early, before they lead to complications.
  • Helpful tips to help follow your doctor's advice.
  • Coordination support for services you may need, like medical supplies or in-home equipment.
  • Information and advice you need to make good decisions about your health care.

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