We understand that challenges in managing your health can occur at any time. To help, our CVS Specialty CareTeam is within reach.

For any questions regarding your care, please call us or send us a secure message when signed in.

Our CareTeam is specially trained to care for your condition. They can give personalized counseling and answer questions about your health and specialty medication, such as:

  • Tips on getting the most from your medication
  • Advice on limiting and managing side effects
  • Dosage and administration checks
  • Changes to your treatment plan
  • Safety tips and preparing for an emergency
  • The latest health news and information Login and Technical Support

Specialty Website Support: 1-855-264-3239

CVS Specialty Billing and Payment Questions

Specialty Billing Team: 1-800-250-9631

Refill and Delivery Specific Questions

Contact your pharmacy number on the prescription label.

Are you a Manufacturer?

Call toll-free: 1-844-205-8681

CVS Specialty CareTeam Questions

Specialty Care Team: 1-800-237-2767
Fax: 1-800-323-2445